Coaching Culture Certification Course

Do you want to help people, but feel pressured to provide all of the answers?

Are you ready for a proven pathway to transformational change for both you and your team?

Bridges Coaching can help. 

Coaching Culture Certification is more than a course, it can change your life. Coach training will give you the tools to help people build bridges from where they are to what could be.

You no longer need to feel the pressure of coming up with answers. You do not have to be a guru or a instant solution maker. Instead, as a certified coach, you can guide people to find the plan God has for them personally. With coaching, they can turn dreams into goals and then into reality. 

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Coaching Culture Certification Course

In this certification course, you will explore the core of the Coaching paradigm and become a certified life coach. Coaching helps move people and teams forward. The Coaching Culture Course will provide:

“I get to witness people develop a new mindset and way of facing challenges instead of seeking to provide a singular 'fix it' moment. ”

Joshua Finley - Lead Pastor, Coach

The Tools You Need to Truly Help Others

Coaching Culture Certification Course will provide you with the tools you need to have an impact. Learn the power of truly listening. Feel the impact of asking the right questions. 

Experience Real Results

Coaching Culture Certification is the perfect blend of online training and personal peer interaction. You will never feel you are going through this alone. You will learn to coach, and you will also be coached. You will get clarity and action in your own life and the know-how to walk others to the same results. 

Coaching builds bridges to what could be!

Where could you use a bridge?
Who do you want to help with their journey?